Deep Accuracy
A plethora of today's most advanced features.
Perio-Exec v14 puts you at the forefront of practice management software today. It merges today’s needs with today’s capabilities like no other software. The result is a highly intuitive, highly productive user experience full of scores of intelligent features such as:
Detailed patient task tracking

Multiple monitor functionality

Multiple appointment books

Integration with major imaging

Multiple office capability
Scheduling with appointment

Point & Click Tx Planning & Posting

Automated merging of treatment
data with letters

Track and report details of graft and membrane procedures
Track patient preferences

Customizable one-click view
of critical patient information

Cycle billing

Batch letters to a patient’s
medical team

Advanced referral systems
and reports

Integrated cross coding


PPO reporting

Multi-page document scanning

Touch-screen capability


Electronic Rx

PBHS TruForm online registration
(patient demographics) auto-merges
into patient record

Perio Charting

Real-time insurance eligibility

Real-time claim tracking