Deep Accuracy
Practices of a certain caliber demand a similar level of Support.
In the Technical Support world, the clock starts ticking the moment the telephone rings. And exactly what happens in that phone call can have a real impact not just on a practice, but on a patient. It’s a serious matter.

This is the reality of Technical Support in a world where software is more integral than it’s ever been to today’s most advanced practices. And again and again, Technical Support is the reason cited by Perio-Exec users for their unequivocal loyalty to their practice management software.

Perio-Exec Mission Critical Support is not only engineered to the nth, but supported in this same manner. Callers get prompt, detailed answers from a knowledgeable Technical Support professional. This makes for better software for the real world and, ultimately, it’s why Perio-Exec enjoys a record of client retention that’s unmatched in the industry.
For any technical support issues, please call 800-871-9271.
Technical Support Specialists are available to assist you from the hours of 5:00am - 5:00 pm (PST).